Evidence of Editing: Hidden Figures

These notes were taken from the trailer, as seen on the youtube page  Youtube.com MovieClip

  • Beginning of trailer communicates humble beginnings
    • With the transition from adolescence (not a normal childhod) to adulthood, everything changes except for the glasses of the protagonist (signifying intelligence…)
  • Fascinating wide landscape shot/introductory scene – the blue car is off-centered, and all alone. (leaving room for the police-car that will soon appear). The other two main characters are introduced.
    • The color of the car is bright blue, stands out, is proud (setting a tone for the underlying personalities of the main characters)
  • Police car enters the shot, fills the gap on the left side of the screen in the first wide shot.
    • Signifies danger, unease. (colors of car are very contrasting)
  • Lots of wide shots detailing the products of NASA Engineering – to show scale.
    • While a small person (black woman) walks quickly next to these large, overbearing objects.
    • All alone in a sea of white men.
  • COLOR: Before the presence of the protagonists (black women) is made known, the color scheme is dull – detailed by greys, whites, browns, tans, and pale blues (not the pretty kind).
    • The arrival or presence of DIVERSITY brings with it color in the form of wardrobe choices and ways of thinking.
  • “We go from being our fathers’ daughters, to our husbands’ wives, to our babies’ mothers.”
  • Important/moving shot: Grey/brown hallway borders the frame as powerful women march through it, wearing heels and holding clipboards.

What did I like from this clip?

The clip/trailer took the audience through a range of emotions in a limited time frame, doing an excellent job of drawing the audience in, and making them want more.

What did I learn from this week’s exercises?

I improved my observation skills when looking for major or minor editing detail.

I learned how to take more efficient and effective notes.