Covid Life: Film by Francis

Film Feedback Template with Filmmaker Commentary

currently trying to export my film that also has the editing marks…


  • This film was made to help showcase editing ability/competence and to give a taste of my covid learning experience to others.


  • “A tiring student races the clock as she attempts to finish her schoolwork in the allotted time, and is overwhelmed by the possibility of not currently living her life to the fullest.”

Intent / Goals

  • My Initial goal was: To film and edit a movie that helps to represent the tension in my daily, schoolwork-ridden life.
  • Also: To use a music editor of some sort to create/record a bit of original music that I could then use to set the tone of the film.


  • What established person/people did you research to better prepare you for your role? Example: editor and sound designer Walter Murch
  • What about them was interesting, compelling, and qualified them to be studied by you?


  • Were the cuts helpful and/or did they add clarity?
  • Would the film benefit from more music/sound other?

Peer Feedback

  • Yes, the film would benefit from more music (I didn’t have time to make more than that lol)
  • Perhaps remove the wipe-cut (feedback said they were not a fan of it).
  • I could have interspersed my “missing out” videos throughout the entirety of the film, rather than solely at the end. -Brian
  • Remove text “What am I missing?” towards the end of the film – Brian

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